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On maternity and giving. Living in a state of constant giving and dependence. co-dependancy. co-creation. co-destruction. Giving life, giving power, and what about giving up power? 

The devil is in the details. Power dynamics seep through, they test you at every twist and turn, every decision becomes an unwitting prision. Who are you? Who am I? We are enmeshed, lost into one blob, a bloom, a knot. Where does that leave us? 

hanging. by. a. thread.
giving. 2018-2021

Tell me a story to help me calm down.
I am here. Though I wish I was no where. 
Invisible, unseen, unfelt, nonexistent. 

There is nowhere to run or hide. Within or without.
Where do I go from here?

Our chapter is over. It was all in my head.
Mothering or smothering, partnering, remembering. cmd alt del.


Amman, Jordan