Yasmine Alnabulsi

Art. Research. Education.


Open Studios: MMAG 2022 Residency

مع انتهاء الإقامة الحرّة للفنّانين، والتي امتدّت لتسعة أشهر وتنتهي في تشرين الأوّل/ أكتوبر، ندعوكم لمشاركة فنّانينا المقيمين والذين تمّت استضافتهم في المؤسسة لافتتاح أستوديوهاتهم للجمهور، يومي الخميس والجمعة 8-9 أيلول/ سبتمبر 2022، من الساعة الرابعة وحتّى التاسعة مساءً

سوف يفتتح ما يزيد عن ثلاثين فنّانة وفنّانًا ومجموعات فنّيّة، أبواب أستوديوهاتهم للجمهور للاطّلاع على أعمالهم الفنّية متنوّعة الوسائط، ما بين الرسم والنحت والصوت والكتابة، داعين إيّانا للاطّلاع على ممارساتهم الذاتيّة والجماعيّة.
تتوزّع هذه الأستوديوهات في المباني الأربعة للمؤسّسة؛ “مكتبة عمّان الصغرى” و”فيلا قعوار” و”مبنى الغزالين” و”فيلا أبو الهدى

As they near the end of their nine-month self-led residency in October, we invite you to join our artists-in-residence for two days of open studios. As part of their residency with MMAG, and alongside a wider community of cultural producers hosted by the Foundation, thirty-two artists and collectives working across mediums, including painting, sculpture, sound, research, and text, will open their studios to the public, inviting us into their processes and practices. The studios are spread across the Foundation’s four buildings: the lesser amman library, Villa Qaawar, Al-Ghazalayn, and Villa Abu Huda.

The open studios will take place on Thursday, September 8, and Friday, September 9, 2022, from 4–9 pm. Poster design تصميم: abdullah sharw

Photos by Mohammad Hawwari.


Basbous Planner

Play our mini-game @ bisbismeow.com

Our 2022 planner featured a series of works by me and Tala Abdulhadi. Includes a habit tracker and full moon / half moon/ new moon tracker. 🌚️

Photos by Mohammad Hawwari.

Our first planner. We had lots of trials with this one. We tried handsewing, printing at home, until we found a great printer that offered us beatiful hardcovers.
Hand sewn planner photo was taken by Mohammad Hawwari ✨️



Mural @ the Waldorf School 2017


Under the Microscope, 2017.


I'm an artist working in drawing, painting embroidery and digital art.My work rests with play reflecting together on mediations between institute, 
visitor, and artist, through inviting spontaneous organic play with forms, words, and lines.

Working with organic forms and creatures budding in fabric and on paper imbued with delicate embroidery to explore femininity and feminisms. I received my BA and MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and a postgraduate diploma in the arts in therapy and education, returning to Amman in 2016.

My research practice delves into archives and botany, herbariums, natural history and the use of the arts as therapeutic tools in discovering one’s relationship with the self and others. Working with notions of women, nature, and storytelling and the fictional autobiographical aspect of these creatures. These drawings become a medley of morphing creatures, chimaera, an amalgamation of biologists’ drawings and observations and art 
forms in nature embedded with what may be known as women’s work, like embroidery or fine line drawings and flowing watercolours. I have explored turning these 2D drawings into wearable dresses and garments and hope to explore this area further working with digital tools and traditional printing methods like silkscreen and linocut printing. 

I am a co-founder of Basbous.inc shop with Tala Abdulhadi.

Workshops given

-Nahnou Together on Re-rooting / Darat al Funun
-Basbous Visual Storytelling Workshop (3 days) / MMAG
-Volunteered with Akwan Gardening club at Jadal - Spring term
-Art club with Asha Athman under Akwan
-Nahnou Together on Line / Darat al Funun
- Basbous Printmaking workshop / Amman Design Week
- Basbous Dear Diary workshop / Daftar Asfar during Amman Design Week


2021 - 2023 MA Education - Liverpool John Moores University
2014 - 2015 PGCert in Therapeutic Arts - Institute of the Arts in Therapy & Education
2013 - 2015 MA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins
2010 - 2013 BA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins


Selected Exhibitions

-MMAG Open Studios
-Spilled Milk
-Bila Hudoud / Aman Art Space
-Amman - Beirut  / MMAG
-Basbous shop / Crafts District at Amman Design Week
-On Art Archives in Jordan / Jordan National Galleryof Fine Art
-Inaugural 30th Anniversary Exhibition / Darat al Funun
-Hangar Exhibition / Amman Design Week
-100 Days of Art / Spring Sessions
-Linear Transcendences / The Lab - Darat al Funun    
-Immerse at The Beach Award I IEA 4, Dubai
-Granfaloon I Degree Show / Central Saint Martins, London
-MA Practice Event / Central Saint Martins, London
Tomorrow Today / OXO Tower, London
BA Fine Art Degree Show / Central Saint Martins, London